This is the Story of the Tower that held my Satellite Antennas (at my Former Kampeska QTH)

This was W0IT, Stan Burghardt's (SK) tower. Stan was the founder of Burghardt's Amateur Center. These pictures show the tower as it was installed at Stan's home. The price was right. It was mine for taking it down. I don't know much about the tower. Some of the locals thought it may be a "Jontz" tower from the 1970s. If you can help me with more information I would really like to know more about the tower.

The tower was 60 feet tall with 4 larger sections and two smaller sections one of which is tapered to fit the larger sections. The larger sections are 16 inches across the face. The cross pieces are 14 1/4 inches apart measured center to center and they are 1 5/8 inches wide (and quite heavy).

Each leg is connected by two bolts to the leg of the next section. The holes for this are spaced 2 inches apart.

The bolts are kind of unique as shown above. The nut requires a 9/16 inch wrench. Maybe this is a clue?

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