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The Auction is over Here are the results
Metal Box 10"x10"x14' w0wtn $40.00 w0mjy Hamlin Cty to be picked up there
Metal Box 10"x10"x14' w0wtn $40.00 ke0rvh Hamlin Cty to be picked up there
Astron SL-15R Power Supply (works) kb8hmr $25.00 ke0rvh w0mjy
Heathkit HW-8 with HWA-7 supply (working) kb8hmr $30.00 kk0sd w0mjy
MFJ-4125 Power Supply (works) kb8hmr $20.00 kk0sd w0mjy
Cushcraft R-7 HF Vertical kb8hmr $75.00 k0pel w0mjy
Yaesu G-450A Rotator and Controller kb8hmr $75.00 k0pel w0mjy
Mosley TA-33Jr kb8hmr $55.00 ki0d w0mjy
Gold Line 27 MHz SWR Meter kb8hmr $2.00 ke0rvh w0mjy
Gold Line 2 position Switch kb8hmr $4.00 w0sdw w0mjy
Icom IC-730 (preamp doesn't work / bad relays) output power good kb8hmr $56.00 w0mjy w0mjy
LDG Z-100 Tuner (works) kb8hmr $56.00 w0mjy w0mjy
Icom IC-737a  (works) kb8hmr $250.00 k0pel w0mjy
Icom IC-2000 w/HM-95 Mic  (low output / poor rcv) kb8hmr $5.00 kk0sd w0mjy
Icom IC-2720H kb8hmr $60.00 k0pel w0mjy
Icom IC-R75 including wall adapter (works) kb8hmr $151.00 ke0epw w0mjy
MFJ-490X Keyer w/ BY-1 Paddle kb8hmr $30.00 k0pel w0mjy
Yaesu SP-107P Speaker w/Phone Patch kb8hmr $35.00 w0mjy w0mjy
Triplite PR-3 Supply (works) kb8hmr $4.00 ke0rvh w0mjy
Yaesu VX-7R w/Charger (works) kb8hmr $55.00 km0f w0mjy
Yaesu VX-150 (works) kb8hmr $18.00 w0sdw w0mjy
HyGain DX-88 Vertical wd4rdr $60.00 kf7cti w0mjy
Kenwood TS-520 (ok) wd4rdr $85.00 kb0kbj w0mjy
Kenwood TM-2550 (ok) no Mic wd4rdr $15.00 k0ty w0mjy
Kenwood TH-215A (works) no battery wd4rdr $5.00 w0sdw w0mjy
Kenwood TS-700A w/Mic (untested no cable) wd4rdr $15.00 w0mjy w0mjy
Field Strength Meter (works) wd4rdr $5.00 ke0rvh w0mjy
OptoElectronics Frequency Counter (works / off freq / no PS) .1-60MHz - 600 MHz wd4rdr $12.00 k0ty w0mjy
Wilson HH025M w/speaker mic (not working) wd4rdr w0mjy
Drake 2B (works needs cleaning) wd4rdr $25.00 w0mjy w0mjy
Motorola HSN4031B Speaker (works) wd4rdr $10.00 k0pel w0mjy
Yaesu FT-2800M w/Mic (works) wd4rdr $35.00 kf7cti w0mjy
Knight P-2 SWR Meter wd4rdr $10.00 ke0epw w0mjy
CDE TR-44 Rotator controller (not working) wd4rdr w0mjy
Astron RS-12 Power Supply (works) wd4rdr $25.00 w0sdw w0mjy
Olson Transistor Checker wd4rdr $5.00 kf7cti w0mjy
Lafayette 99-26411 SWR bridge (works) wd4rdr $5.00 w0sdw w0mjy
Resistance Substitution Box (works) wd4rdr $5.00 kd0rhs w0mjy
Heath SB-634 Console w/SWR Meter (needs calibration - works) wd4rdr $40.00 kd0rhs w0mjy
Heath SB-604 Speaker / PS Console (blows fuses) wd4rdr $30.00 w0mjy w0mjy
KLM PA10-140B  (10 in 140 out class c amlpifier works) wd4rdr $25.00 kf7cti w0mjy
Kenwood TR-7200a w/Mic (10 Watts crystals off freq) wd4rdr $3.00 w0sdw w0mjy
Swan SS-200 w/Turner 355C Mic (works S-meter has damped response) wd4rdr $30.00 w0mjy w0mjy
Shure 526C Mic (needs re-wiring) wd4rdr $7.00 kf7cti w0mjy
Heath SB-200 s/n 08419 (shorted tubes, caps and diodes) wd4rdr $41.00 w0mjy w0mjy
Astron RS-12A (works) wb0wih $25.00 ke0rvh ke0epy
Astron RS-20A (works) wb0wih $50.00 k0pel ke0epy
HF Vertical Cushcraft R-7 (Matching box rattles) kb8hmr $40.00 k6ux kb0rbg