The Story of my HF Tower Page 3 (at my Former Kampeska QTH)

Finally the day arrives! Let's put up an antenna!

When the day came it went like a well oiled machine. That's Duane (kk0kk) helping me put the mast in. Jim (wb0wih) and Chuck (kb0vxd) step in to help in the second picture.

Here we are ready to lift... And up it goes!

Wonderful - No additional words needed!

Lock the base in, and get the bolts good and tight. Kevin (kb0lcr) and Jim (w0mjy) tighten the bolts that Jim (wb0wih) lined up.

It's Up! Here is most of the Antenna Day Crew from left to right. Kevin (kb0lcr), Me (kk0sd), Duane (kk0kk), Jim (wb0wih), Clark (kb0rbg), and Laurel (kb8hmr) - Not shown here are Jim (w0mjy) - crane operator, Chuck (kb0vxd), and Darrel (wd4rdr) - photographer.

Thanks Guys! - It wouldn't have happened without You!