The Antennas Shown are Gone

Gary Mayfield, WA0EAF SK

This was my late father's antenna farm located in Marquette, KS. My sister now owns the house, but she was very gracious in giving me time to take this equipment down. Thanks to Mark, N5OT for helping take them down and haul them away. His other equipment sold seperately.

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Shown above are the HF antennas (Force 12 Yagi - 4 elements on 10 meters, 4 elements on 15 meters); (Force 12 - 40 meter rotatable dipole); B&W Folded dipole, Radio Works CW-80 Carolina Windom, Glen Martin Hazer and a Ham 4 rotator, on 35 feet of Rohn 25G.

There were 3 guy poles with ground rods that we removed and cut off below the ground.

There is also a 2 meter / 70 cm antenna on the windmill tower that should come down some day. The windmill tower and TV antennas stay.

The ground rods near the tower, were cut off below ground. The object was to leave the yard as easily mowable as possible.

The coax, and a spare mast also went with Mark.

Thanks again to Mark for taking it away!